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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  August 8, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the summer rally the couch notch it's and a close straight ahead google fires an employee who wrote a controversial memo of women in tech. details coming up. plus, besting on nostalgia, cbs gets an earnings boost an reviving a '90s classic. it's tuesday, august 8th, 2017 and "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ good morning, welcome to
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"worldwide exchange. everyone, on cnbc, i'm seema mody in from sara eisen. >> and i'm in for wilfred frost. see seema, a fantastic day, a lot coming up. >> a record high for the dow. take a look at how futures are shaping up here on tuesday morning. a lot of earning to look at, in terms of walt disney, priceline among others here on futures trading mix, dow jones industrials down by 2 points, s&p down by 1 point. a lot of fed seekers coming up we're looking at a ten-year field at 2.6%, so a bit higher economic data out of china overnight, chinese missing expectations, the nikkei off by
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0.3% and shanghai up by 0.1%. shaking that data caoming out of china. a bit of a mixed market. they've been hovering between gains and losses the dax in germany, you can't get more flatter the german dax, ftse, in uk, all up by 0.1 of 1% overall. seema, the economic data we'll talk about in just a couple minute but still not having that wailing effect that people thought it was going to have either in asia or europe >> it's interesting, the minors in the uk lower on that underwhelming chinese data we'll get you more on that take a look at oil, we do have opec leaders meeting in abu dhabi to discuss the current agreement. wti crude trading higher at 4
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49.59. and ice brent crude. and natural gas up 0.1% on the day. with the jobs report on friday, yesterday we saw the dollar weaken a bit against a basket of currencies and 1.18 against the u.s. dollar you can see the yen struggling a bit on the greenback at 1.30. let's take a look at gold where it's trading at this morning 1266, up about $2 at this time on today's "wall street journal" there's a pair of economic reports that wants the nfib releases its survey and then at 10:00, the jolts survey. such as job listings and how
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many people are quitting their jobs as for the earnings side of things, michael kors, ralph lauren, and mylan and disney bob iger will be on cnbc, that's 4:00 p.m. eastern time today, it's a must-watch. of course,everything on the media landscape is changing. lots of deals to talk about and contact with what's happening in the market it's fascinating right now >> in terms of the dow's outperformance, if it can get a stronger than expected performance from disney what that means for the divergence that we're seeing between the dows and s&p that we've been watching closely a developing story overnight, google has fired the employee who wrote the controversial internal memo about women in tech. the engineer's ten-page manifesto asserted why women have biologicuiological differet
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prevent them in from being as successful in tech the unnamed engineer said he had been dismissed for perpetuating gender stereotypes yesterday, the ceo pichai said it crossed the line. >> this is going to be a very hot topic of conversations of course, i'm the father of a daughter i have strong views about this as well sticking with tech news, rumors that travis kalanick will make a comeback at the company have been pretty much squashed the tech firm's derrick camp said travis kalanick will not be returning as ceo separately, benchmark capital claimed in a tweet that uber's capital could rise to over $100 billion. benchmark was one of the
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company's first investors. pershing square has announced it has moved bill ackman to the board. an adp had taken an 8% stake in the company. yesterday on cnbc's halftime reports, leon cooperman and my good friend and former board member pushing ackman, listen in >> i know and respect bill ackman, so it's difficult for me but i understand his behavior to be in this instance to be somewhere between foolish and inappropriate and irresponsible. and i feel it's my job to speak out. i don't think he appreciates the fact that this business model is a high-tech, high-cost service that costs money i don't know where he's coming from >> pershing will hold a webcast
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with investors later this month to outline its research on adp to this morning's big earnings moves, shares of trchlt -- trillio. >> reporting 49% year over year. the revenue beat comes quite twi twilleo losing business this year twilio reports a better than expected 43,000 active customers as far as guides dance goes. the company forecasting a loss of 7 to 8 cents a share. in line with the street's expectations twilio in june of last year, shares have been on a tear in
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the last month take a look at stock, 11% in early trading. >> landon, thank you in addition to that other stocks to watch, cbs reporting better than expected second quarter earnings and revenue that revenue grows by 4% helped by the ncaa's basketball game in april. and cbs plans to release a live streaming channel. >> to be a leading player in the new skinny bundles and the traditional ones, too. and with our growing over-the-top channels, we're set up to succeed, no matter how people choose to consume their conte content. >> cbs shares up by 0.5% disney after the bell. marriott's second quarter topping forecasts, results helped by higher bookings and room rates but the hotel operator is narrowing its guidance on the
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year on the key metric of revenue per available room in north america. those shares down 3% after that earnings report. shares of avis budget, the car company citing pricing pressures and higher fleet costs and those shares down, seema, by 6.5% >> dom, more stocks to watch take a look at tenet health care the company also slashing its four-year forecast as it drugs with fewer patients visiting the hospitals. that has been a big mover in premarket trade down about 11% switching over to lending club, revenue rising 35% beating estimates to online lender is also raising its earning outlet on a continued drop in cost but eye 7%. citigroup planned to settle
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a lawsuit. to manipulate the libor rates, the a spokesman said the bank is pleased with the settlement. come up here on the show, a double dose of news out of china. we're talking big macs and a big trade miss we're live in shanghai, that's ahead. and our own wilfred frost sitting down exclusively with jamie dimon. be sure to catch that today at 11:30 a.m. eastern you're watching cnbc so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." if you're just waking up or heading into work, let's get you up to speed on the market action right now, u.s. equity futures they look red but not off by much dow off by four points, s&p by two, s&p off by 2.5 points very, very tiny losses at this point in the morning as for the oil trade, wti crude, 49.64. that's a half% ice brent futures, half percent as well. seema, back to you >> dom, shanghai deposit fcompo finishing the day in green imports were up 11%, but both numbers coming in weaker than expected joining us on the cnbc news line, gabriel wildau at the
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financial times. help us understand what is really behind the weakness in this china data? >> well, i think there's two things going on. when we look at exports, i think what we see is that although global demand is still pretty strong with the strong growth in europe and the u.s., china's two main export partners, there's a limit to how much market share china can continue to gain in global export markets after so many years of gaining market share. and i've seen analysis indicating their market share has pretty much topped out it might actually be on the wane. of course, trade deal is very bumpy, on the import side, probably more signaturificant, we're seeing the china domestic quality is really peaked it's now headed lower. so we saw lower commodity imports and lower crude in
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particular that's an indication that the heavier sector particularly real estate might not be slowing. >> gabriel, it's domenic here. what does it say about other big trading relationships it has in that asia-pacific region, specifically with the raw material side? >> sure. i think a lot of people were surprised with china's very strong growth at the beginning of the year, but that was a cyclical recovery. but china still has, in the middle of a structural slowdown, that's been underway, really since 2012, and will continue despite the kind of blip in the early part of the years. we've already seen australian commodity exporters have been hit by that over the course of several years and they had a temporary recovery but the median and long-term fixture has been changed with china shifting to the less
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commodity market >> when you talk about the unilateral sanctions placed on the road any idea how that will impact china's economy? there was minister at the conference in manila saying these imports will hurt china at the end of the day because they're the ones that have the trading relationship with north korea? >> i think of it differently, i don't think china's exports with north korea is significant it's a very small slice. i think if you want to be more optimistic about the impact on china, you might think about what we've seen with the donald trump administration sort of trade cooperation with north korea against the threat of unilateral trade protectionism, from the u.s. against china. so, in other words, trump may be willing to shelve some of those protectionist makes because of china on those measures. >> that's a good point
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thank you for joining us sticking with china, mcdonald's plans to open 2,000 more stores in that country by 2022 this is part of a partnership with civic answer the carlyl ane carlyle group. mcdonald's plans to open in china and the mainland every five years some people still looking for that kind of demand. at least on the consumer product side of things in other global news, a notable group of executives is starting an organization with the goal of strengthening relationships between india and u.s. the group is called u.s. and strategic partnership form led by john clahambers. and other board members, the forum's long-term goal to boost trade between united states and india to $500 billion in ten years. i spoke to one of the board members of emerson electric.
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he basically said the goals not only create more trade opportunities but boost it as well it's an interesting subject since trade is such an issue in the white house. >> sure. obviously, a huge population center could be a good thing for growth well, watching also what's happening on the south african rand board of things there's a vote by president jacob zuma many think he could be ousted. there's a lot of i guess debate what could happen with regard to the leadership in south africa however, we are watching the currency because we have been seeing some market reaction over the last couple days we have been seeing the rand strengthen and the dollar weaken we'll see if that continues. i believe 2:00 p.m. local time is when they're going to have this vote. the volts could be tallied up later this afternoon >> yeah, a lot of events today
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confidence vote and election in kenya. up next, a trillion dollar sign of the times we'll tell you what just happened for first time for the financial crisis >> but first the forecast from nbc's bill karins. good tuesday morning to you, seema and dom. flash flooding around the houston area, also reporting five inches of rain. that's a very flood-prone area the commute very slow there. rainfall forecast, two to three inches possible throughout much of the southeast, alabama, central portions of mississippi and also northern georgia. and we could deal with more flash flooding throughout the day. forecast also calls for clearing slowly in the ohio valley. and with the rainmaker, temperatures cool. we're going to break a record in seattle. how impressive is this, we've now gone 52 days in a row without rainfall in seattle. that breaks the streak going all
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turning to politics -- president trump remains on a working vacation in new jersey today. meantime, secretary of state rex tillerson continues a diplomatic tour through southeast asia. nbc's tracie potts joins us with more so, what's the latest here there's a lot of work happening. what exactly are they working on
5:23 am
>> right, he's in thailand today. he just wrapped up that conference in the philippines where questions now about u.s. military support for isis trying to open the door to asia in the philippines. and more marines headed to afghanistan. >> reporter: defense officials say dozens of marines are headed to afghanistan and they're asking for more air support, as president trump and his national security team work out a long-term plan >> to just say we're going to keep doing what we've been doing, the president is not willing to accept that >> reporter: the u.s. is also providing training, surveillance, equipment and officials say considering air strikes. in the philippines, where isis is taking control of the city of morale >> going street by street and house by house >> reporter: a new front on the war on terror. >> it's a tragic situation down there. and we think they are beginning to get that situation under control.
5:24 am
>> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson promising more help at a conference in the philippines, where asian nations are watching kim jong-un's response to $1 billion in sanctions on north korea >> what remains to be seen, though, at the end of the day, kim jong-un will change his behavior that is the acid test. >> reporter: the u.s. insists the missile tests must end >> there's nothing like the threat of a ballistic missile landing on your homeland to clarify your thinking. >> reporter: north korea's leader defiant, vowing to never give up his nuclear program. now, today, the secretary of state tillerson is in thailand the highest level of u.s. visit there since the military three years ago. back to you. >> tracie potts, nbc news. and illinois is going to hold off on issuing $6 billion in bonds staying the state comptroller
5:25 am
should score other options to use state accounts to pay off debt illinois has $15 billion in unpaid debt. illinois has the lowest credit rating and highest borrowing cost in all of the u.s. states a sign of the times, the federal reserve said u.s. consumer credit card debt hit more than $1 trillion in june. that tops the previous record set just before the 2008 financial crisis the fed says nonrevolving credit which includes things like auto loans, student loans as well rose at its slowest pace >> really interesting data there. tonight, now on "the profit," we're taking you inside california's booming marijuana industry we meet one entrepreneur which takes delivers profits to a whole new level. ♪ >> hi. i'm marcus
5:26 am
>> i'm dreangela >> hi. customers don't have to worry about coming here. this is a deliver service called stashtwist it brings medicinal, and season maybe recreational pot right to your door, as easy as ordering a pizza. >> your order -- thank you >> reporter: and the menu is vast >> customers all varieties of teachers to dads hash, old school preroll a big one as well. >> reporter: what's a preroll? is that known as a joint >> yes >> reporter: preroll is like an nba word it's a joint let's just call it a joint >> be sure to catch "the profit marijuana millions" right here on cnbc. up next, stock story and the car stock with the skids and a bargain by the bay
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you won't believe what just sold for $90,000 in one of san francisco's swankiest neighborhoods. the details back with you.
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an unstoppable rally the records keep rolling in. we're going to set you up for the data and the earning that could drive today's trading session. i scream, you scream, but will investors scream for ice cream? one trendy frozen treat is
5:30 am
reportedly looking for a buyer, but will they get a bite for a multimillion price tag plus, got breached more to come if it's not paid up it's tuesday, august 8, 2017 and you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. ♪ happy tuesday, everyone. good morning, welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnbc, i'm seema mody in for sara eisen. >> and i'm domenic chu in for wilfred frost. so far, we're seeing a relatively stable picture on the u.s. futures side of things. s&p if all holds the same opening down, by 2 points, dow by 2 points, nasdaq up by 1 point. record highs for the dow yesterday, s&p, a little more stability, calm. at least for right now ten-year treasury note yield sits at -- it's something we've
5:31 am
been watching for a while. 2.26%. still stuck in that range of 2.3. and 2.30%. really see if anything on the economic front this week or next month can abrebreak it out of tt range. >> dom, let's pivot the discussion to asia, to underwhelming trade data coming in weaker than expected on the export and import. again, the hang seng and the shanghai composite closing high by 0.6%. hang seng, south korean stock s closing lower by 2%. we've seen german trade and current account surplus growing in the month of june stocks there are flat. france, meantime, is higher by just around 2 points the ftse 100 is lower by 0.1%. things like that disappointing china trade data not having any effect on asia
5:32 am
but the mining stocks in the u.s. are reacting negatively >> as for the broader markets overall, seema, let's check in with oil prices. they are at least higher for right now. $49.69 the last trade wti crude. ice brents,52.62, the last trade there. always up by 0.5%. as for what's happening on the currency side of things, dollar weakness, euro 1.1808. dollar/yen, 110.54 and a 1.30 right now on gold, 126670 the last trade there up a couple bucks or 2%. >> not a big climb $3400 yesterday. and fund strat thomas lee said
5:33 am
it can get to 55,000 if it can get the support of central banks. on today's wall street agenda, there's a pair of economic reports that wall street will be focused on. the national federation of independent businesses releases its survey at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and the jolts, items not usually tracked in the jobs report such as job listings and how many people are quitting their jobs, earning, michael kors, and disney, only dow component reporting today. disney's ceo bob iger will be on "closing bell" a first on cnbc at 4:00 p.m. eastern a developing corporate story, google hasfired the employee who wrote a
5:34 am
controversial internal memo about women in technology. the engineer's ten-page manifesto asserted that women have biological differences that prevent them from being successful as men in technology. google did not confirm the firing but in an e-mail to multiple news outlets, the engineer named james demore said he had been dismissed for, quote, perpetuating gender stereotypes. he said he's exploring possible legal options. yesterday, ceo sind dpichai sen memo to employees. and cbs quarter helped by the ncaa men's final four in april. cbs plans to launch a streaming sports channeling. ye marriott second quarter results, helped by higher bookings, room
5:35 am
rates strengthening in asia and europe and on the key metric of refuse per available room, revpar and shares of avis budget group sliding. the car rental company reporting second quarter losses that missed forecast. seema, more stocks to watch as well, tenet health care reporting a bigger than expected second quarter loss. the company is also slashing its four-year forecast as it struggles with fewer patients visiting its hospitals, shares up 11% shares of jewelry maker pandora down sharply in europe the danish company best known for selling charm bracelets reported second quarter results. but pandora keeping its guidance as shares decline. shares ever twilio higher,
5:36 am
the cloud communications company reporting a narrower than expected second quarter loss tr twilio lost business from one of its bigger customers uber. dom, allergan, mad money most jim cramer sitting down with the ceo saying male customers are turning to aesthetic treatments >> we're seeing two new groups starting it to emerge, millennials accounting for 10% and males can going for 10% or 15%. bothrelatively new to that 3 million group but growing quickly so, yes, maybe the selfie generation has a lot to do with it what a sign, the makeup company alta but also drugmakers
5:37 am
cashing in as just pointed out a smaller percentage of the overall base, but the fact that he mentioned, dom -- significant >> i don't take a lot of selfies. to another company capitalizing on theconsumer, the maker of the low-calorie ice cream halo top, landon dowdy joining us here. landen, first of all, is halo top really ice cream >> that's a question i love to follow a botox and millennial story >> i hear you. >> the ice cream, even creamery, the privately owned manufacturer of halo top ice cream is exploring the deal reuters said it could value the ice cream brand at much as $2 billion. there is no certainty that the company will agree to any deal
5:38 am
hoping to capitalize trying to scoop up on healthier desserts like a gallon lat telato compank low calorie halo has gained a big market share in america's 8.2 billion dollar ice cream >> it's an $8 billion market who knew that's the overall dessert category, ice cream? >> that's right. the low fat is supposed to be a part of industry a huge trend >> playing on healthy consumers? >> exactly >> it's about leash players. think about when other sales like beer and craft brews, budweiser and other stuff in your wheelhouse. tell us how comparables stack up >> it's funny, just surprising to me. i'm a very sweets person they've topped sales according to the company, in january of
5:39 am
hag h haagen-dazs and ben & jerry's, and sara eisen would be all the story. >> landon, thank you for the update halo top possibly up for sale. time for our top trending story, ready >> ready >> hbo hacker dumping a bunch of stolen files online including five "game of thrones" scripts scripts and other documents related to "game of thrones" were also accessed hbo is issuing a statement saying the entire system was not compromised adding that a forensic review is ongoing this is so hard when you know those shows are available, do you watch them >> i would still watch them. i'm a huge "game of thrones" fan. i crave every sunday night >> is it too late to get in the
5:40 am
"game of thrones" season, there's seven out for someone like me who has never seen an episode -- >> you got to binge. amazon is looking for a star to play that role. the internet giant snatched up lucy and desi. the "i love lucy." cate blanchett has signed on for the film written by aaron sorkin that's a lot of star power not onlien the directing side by acting side as well. papa john's adding a gluten-free crust to its menu, for customers with a serious gluten tolerance can't actually eat it the crust is made in a gluten-free facility but could be exposed to gluten during the in-store pizza making process.
5:41 am
papa john's said it does not recommend pizza for people with celiac disease >> talk about another pizza trend. i have a lot of friends who just eat it because they think it's healthier for them as well it's readily available in restaurants in new york city gluten-free. >> gluten-free is one of those trends speaking of halo top and everything else. one of the swankiest streets in fran just sold for $90,000. a couple buy buy buy presidio e >> a private owner owns the street that you have to drive through. >> not just buying a big house, but the property and street around it. >> only in california.
5:42 am
>> only in california. coming up on this show, did google's efforts to promote diversity just back fire code's "must read" are ahead and the interview with jeffrey gundlach, that's today at 12:00 "worldwide exchange" will be back
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i founded lendingtree 20 years ago, and i've never seen a better time to refinance your home, than this summer. why? because right now we're seeing our average customer save $20,000. but with the fed already talking about raising rates, this window will not last for long. lendingtree is the only place to compare up to 5 real refinance offers against your current mortgage - for free. are you sure you have the best rate? take 3 minutes and find out right now. because at lendingtree, when banks compete, you win. exchange." i'm domenic chu alongside seema
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mody time for the morning must reads, stories in the op-ed columns catching our attention my story is "usa today," congrats google, you found the worst way to build diversity this is controversial which is why i chose it writing among other things, quote, the message to white engineers and anyone who agrees with them violates the rules of working with google and maybe even the law this is a problem of far wider significance than silicon valley we're losing our ability to talk about sex, nationality part of why we have president trump is president is because so many people with the wrong ideas have been told to be quiet so long
5:46 am
and they're not having it anymore. this is controversial, which is why i picked it. this is not to say that i'm for or against any side. but this is the conversation that is happening across workplaces not just in silicon valley but all over the united states how much of it is about free speech how much is it about having a frank and open conversation about some of these things bought feeling you're being tagged as sexist that's one of those things that we're going to be talking about. >> it's important that the ceo of google tried to express himself in this memo that the employee had maybe crossed the line lines in the gender gap never easy >> as many viewers know, i'm the new father of a daughter, all of these things, i wonder if is my daughter going to have to worry about these things or should she
5:47 am
have to? it's going to be one of the biggest topics in all of news throughout the entire business my pick is in the financial times. it's entitled a unanimous response on north korea is the only viable option new options to rein in kim jong-un on coal and a global ban on the company's airline and the explosion of workers who bring in $500 million a year point of this op-ed, the u.n. sanctions, received a lot of praise by different leaders from around the world but it shows through this article that there are many other things that can be done to rein in. >> just two of the op-eds that august our attention certainly watch for others out there as well. we're also approaching the top of the hour, that, of course, means the teeth am of
5:48 am
"squawk box" getting ready becky quick there. >> good morning, dom and seema dom, i think you saw the interview we had last week with alan greenspan, the former chairman of the fed. he said there's a bubble answer that rates have only way to go and that's up. this morning we have mark grant. he takes issue with that he thinks that the chairman isn't actually correct on that he thinks that rates will come down plus, we've got other big guests talking about the market. you may have seen that "wall street journal" article talking about decline in the president-elect trump presidency we have the head of the ftc here taking issue with major fines that came last year in the quake of libor rigging and a lot of different things that happened with that. we'll talk to him.
5:49 am
also, we've got jamie dimon who is the head of york capital management now, this has been called the most boring market in decades. you've only see two days in the entire year where the s&p 500 has lost more than 1%. jamie dimon says this is a market that you can't figure out with machines that you need humans to be doing that which brings us to our next guest. we have a very special guest, mark wiseman ahead of blackrock. he's the man responsible for bringing machines, more machine-powered issues to blackeblac blackrock. that's a big deal. they were announcing now $30 billion in funds are going to be managed. he is the special guest of our co-host this morning, kevin o'leary, our squawk shark here with us. >> he's there. >> he's already here, by the way. see, he gets in really early >> look at that! >> this is the other watch, with the other things, we're going to
5:50 am
be talking about some of these things, too. we're ready to go, guys. >> obviously, a great lineup ahead here on "squawk box. you'll definitely want to stay tuned for that thank you very much, becky still to come on this show -- the perfect economy, why the next guest says things are right where they're supposed to be tonight, be sure to catch "the profit" marijuana millions watch it here at 10:00 p.m. eastern. you're watching "worldwide exchange." we're back in a bit. i love you, couch.
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welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm domenic chu alongside seema mody u.s. futures pretty much flat. coming off another record close, the dow s&p down by one point. the dow jones and nasdaq just about flat as well so that market setup is perfect as we have joining us here the chief financial economist at
5:53 am
union bank chris, this market at record highs must mean that the economy is great and that the uss is going gangbusters, right >> yeah, it's like the leading indicator of stocks. since june or february, and nothing has happened there's been no selloff. a little bit with brexit, 4%, 5%, that's only days long. what's gogoing on,? i don't know >> how important is the inflation data on friday, consumer prices a hot topic not only for the investors but for the fed as well? >> yeah. there's always something new, is it just me, but the fed, it's never good enough for them, right? they get the unemployment rate down, and now thk at too low inflation. where is inflation right now, core pc
5:54 am
how you can convince the public that 1.5, not good, 2.0, good. it's ridiculous, they shouldn't be holding the interest rate hostage to this low inflation. >> is the u.s. economy the bright beaming beacon in the world that everybody wants to seem to think it is at this point, relatively speaking >> well, it depends on what you want to achieve. during the campaign, they put out they wanted a double gdp growth, president trump did. that would be 4% but it got marched down to 3%. and you see growth is 2.9. inches away from 3.0 the primary metric of an economy's success always is does everyone have a job?
5:55 am
is -- what is the level of the unemployment rate? so, for me as an economist, it's like being a fish out of water here washington's talking about we need to do something, you know, jump-start the economy but i've never seen any other administration ever in modern economic history since the '70s try and give us a tax cut, when the economy is at full employment i mean, this is a good time. >> at the same ime, we're looking at a dollar that is weaker and that's really caused some concern as to whether this u.s. economy is in fact improving, if you really were to see this economy, you would think that would be coincided with a stronger dollar. what are your thoughts there >> yeah, well, maybe it's something that's going on in europe european growth is a little bit better they're unemployment rate is down so, maybe it's more europe, you know, doing better >> having an impact on the u.s. dollar >> actually the euro at 1.18, that's going to be something that can push up in inflation
5:56 am
with the u.s. a little that's something to look forward tofu think of inflation to move. >> as an economist, chris, what's the one thing going forward for the rest of the year, it may be one rate hike, maybe two. there's all ever this stuff out there, what could derail some of that thought process for raising interests in that gradual fashion for the rest of the year >> well, i hate to say it, we've had two months in a row, 200,000 payroll jobs if payroll jobs growth slows to 150, it never seems to be good enough for the fed. so if inflation stays down, core inflation stays down below 2%. there's some at the fed that don't want to raise rates again. that's the primary thing we're watching >> chris, thank you. we have a big day here on cnbc, wilfred frost sitting down exclusively with jpmorgan's jamie dimon. be sure to watch that on cnbc.
5:57 am
of course, disney earning after the closing bell a big day. all kinds of ds.ay keep it right here of course, "squawk box" comes up right after this break >> have a good day
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good morning, the dow logging its ninth straight roar close. we've got a full market rundown. also, a big story, google firing that tech that we talk about yesterday. uber's chairmankalanick won ceo of uber. it's tuesday, august 8th, 2017, "squawk box" right now >> announcer: live from new york, where business never
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sleeps, this is "squawk box. good morning, everybody. welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc we are live from the nasdaq market site in times square. i'm becky quick along with and drew ross sorkin joe is off this week joining us once again today is "shark tank's" kevin o'leary >> great to be here, becky >> i see the jackets are off again. >> just to roll up the sleeves >> i think i look fabulous >> you look wonderful. >> to look at u.s. equity futures, we're coming off a strong day once again. the dow up to another record close. the s&p 500 closing at a record level once again the nasdaq was the biggest gainer, up 0.5%. a gain of 32 points. dow futures up by 1.5 points nasdaq indicated up marginally and the s&p futures indicated down by 1.5 points overnight in


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